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About Xoddler

Xoddler is a cloud based responsive software as service (SaaS) web application for child care management.

Xoddler empowers pre-schools and day care centres to improve overall business process by streamlining and automating administrative tasks involved in running day to day operations and connects parents by sending daily communication.

Xoddler adds flexibility and portability to all employees as its accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Xoddler in brief

Affordable and Improves Efficiency

Xoddler is extremely affordable solution that will fit into the budget of most schools. It improves efficiency by saving time on day to day management activities and thus helping teachers to focus more on kids' development.
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Intuitive User

Intuitive user interface helps directors, teachers to manage school easily and enables them to focus more on development of kids. the xoddler ui enables director to get different information right on dashboard, which saves lot of time and energy.
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Increase Enrollment

Communication with parents is key to success for schools. Parents will be very satisfied and happy with daily activity reports and pictures of their kids having fun while learning. Happy parents will generate referrals and increase your enrollments. Showcase and highlight Xoddler to visiting parents for easy enrollment conversion.
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Go Digital
Go Green

Green initiatives are appreciated everywhere today and Xoddler provides different features to save our environment by sending digital daily reports, digital photographs and digital progress reports and eliminating the need of paper printing. Going green and Going digital will improve overall business process.
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Connect With Parents

Connect with parents by sharing daily activity reports, sending informative notifications, newsletters and getting feedbacks, suggestions from parents through Xoddler. Research shows that teacher-parent communication is one of the most important factor when choosing school.
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Increase Enrollment

All the features and benefits of Xoddler makes it a modern world marketing tool. With the help of Xoddler, owner of school can easily keep track of inquiries and convert it to enrollments. By highlighting the features of Xoddler, directors or administrators can make parents happy about the level of communication and level of details shared with them. Satisfied with the level of communication and details, happy and satisfied parents will generate more referrals.

Intuitive User Interface

Teachers and Administrators will love Xoddler's intuitive and easy to use interface. Xoddler will reduce the time taken in day to day operations and enable teachers to spend more time with kids and focus more on their development. Easy to use interface enables any person to operate the application easily and does not need any kind of special training. As Xoddler is a responsive website it can be accessed by any tablet, computer device on any browser.

Affordable and Improves Efficiency

Extremely affordable solution with monthly or annual subscription options and a simplified cost model with no hidden charges. Xoddler is a cloud based solution, which is constantly improving and evolving and there will be no extra charge for upgrades and support.

With Xoddler's easy to use interface, every thing is at your finger tip. With real time data on your dashboard, you don't have to run around to get the latest child count, teacher to student ratio etc. No more maintaining different spread sheets for different data of school. Just focus on your main business of development of kids.

Operating Cost Reduction

  • Eliminate daily report printing.
  • Save time in day to day management activities and save cost
  • No third party software needed for sending emails and alerts
  • No extra charges for upgrades and maintenance

Go Digital & Go Green

Xoddler promotes digital data and eliminates printing, which in turn helps green environment and makes your school eco-friendly. Xoddler stores all information digitally and that will help to improve business processes,lower compliance costs, easy to share information, easy access to right information, less time spending on day to day management.

Connect With Parents

To achieve all around development of kids, communication between parents and teachers is must. Xoddler helps teacher connect with parents by sharing daily activity reports, sending them notification about the progress of kids or any other useful information for kids. Xoddler helps schools to send emergency alerts in case of any emergency.

Xoddler enables parents to share their suggestion and feedback to schools as well, which helps improve overall quality of schools. Also, parents can access application from anywhere or any device gives them flexibility to check updates about their kids frequently.

Capture and Share Moments

Kids learn new things everyday and parents miss most of them. Use tablet or mobile phone's camera to capture these precious moments and share it with parents through Xoddler application with fun and informative captions.

Parents can also access the same on their dashboard. Xoddler app enables parents to share the pictures on social media as well. Keeping parents happy will again help increase enrollments into daycare center.


Subject Domains

Manage different subjects for different classes

Lesson Planning

Plan lessons and learning activities upto full one year in advance for each curriculum

Plan Milestones

Plan subject specific milestones and create different activities to achieve specified milestones

Capture Picture/Video

Capture kids' pictures and videos while learning different activities and playing

Share Picture/Video

Share captured pictures and videos instantly to kids' parents

Picture Gallary

Browse picture gallery to see all great moments captured

Send Alerts

Send instant emergency alerts to parents by sending text messages and emails

Send Emails

Send instant newsletters, informative, reminder emails to parents

Send Notifications

Send instant notifications to parents and teachers

Secure Data

All the data is stored in private school specific database on secure servers

Event Calendar

View and create class specific school events for full year in advance

Flash Notes

Broadcast to all employees any unsual happening through flash notes

Employee Roster

Track daily employee attendance by simply clicking single button

Student Roster

Track daily attendance for students by simply clicking single button

Realtime Class Count

View realtime class count and student information for each classroom on dashboard

Teacher Student

View realtime teacher student ratio in each class on dashboard

Student Profiles

View or update student information easily using student profiles

Employee Profiles

View or update employee information easily using employee profiles

Employee Vacations

Employee vacation planner allows them to plan vacations in advance

Transport Management

Manage vehicles, routes, drivers using transport manager

Meal Management

Create or update different types of daily meal menu and notification about today's meal on dashboard

Training Manager

Create or update different training available for employees and display the current status of the trainings

Manage Classrooms

View or update different classroom information using classroom manager

Sticky Notes

Create and store notes in personalized sticky notes

Continuous Assessment

Continuously assess students based on their performance against each milestone

Progress Reports

Prepare progress reports by adding notes and remarks against each milestone and print it in predefined format

Analytical Reports

Generate different analytical reports based on the historical data and analyse the overall school performance.

Attendance Reports

Print and export biweekly, monthly or yearly attendance reports for students and employees

Parents' Feedback

Get parents feedback, suggestions to improve overall performance of school

Birthday Reminders

Reminders for upcoming birthdays of students and employees on dashboard

Getting Started


  • Send Basic School Information.
  • Send One Class Information for Teachers, Parents and Directors
  • We setup your information in Xoddler app.
  • Send introduction note/ asking for consents to parents about Xoddler.
  • Quick user guides for Directors, Teachers and parents will be provided by us.
  • Sign Free trial contract with specified terms and conditions.

  • Setup on site product training sessions for Teachers and Directors
  • Start using Xoddler app in classroom to start getting used to it
  • Send out communication to parents about the updates they will be getting for their kids.

Live Trial
  • Start filling in activity planner, track daily activities and send daily reports to parents.
  • Use dashboard to monitor various activities and engage with families.
  • Once comfortable, start enrolling other classrooms

Starting Requirements

Wifi Zone

Setup Wifi zone in school area in order to start using Xoddler

1 Computer

Director can start using Xoddler on desktop, laptop or tablet

1 Tablet

Teacher will use any tablet device to start recording daily activities

Trial Classroom

Setup few classes in order to start trial period for Xoddler

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