Director Features

  • Billing

    Smart billing and automatic invoicing

  • Student Management

    Manage classrooms and students easily

  • Digital Attendance

    One touch check-ins for students and staff members

  • Customized Reports

    Get customized reports as per center's requirement

  • Cloud Server

    Sync data between devices and users easily through our cloud setup

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Classroom Features

  • Calendar

    Create and view full year calendar events

  • Parent Engagement

    Capture and share pictures by tagging students

  • Daily Reports

    Send automatic daily reports for activities, notes, diapers, meals, naps etc.

  • Message Center

    Send emails, notifications and text-messages through messsage center

  • Observations & Assessments

    Record continuous observations and assessments against defined milestones

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Why Xoddler

Affordable and Improves Efficiency

Xoddler is extremely affordable solution that will fit into the budget of most schools. It improves efficiency by saving time on day to day management activities and thus helping teachers to focus more on kids' development.

Intuitive User

Intuitive user interface helps directors, teachers to manage school easily and enables them to focus more on development of kids. the xoddler ui enables director to get different information right on dashboard, which saves lot of time and energy.

Increase Enrollment

Communication with parents is key to success for schools. Parents will be very satisfied and happy with daily activity reports and pictures of their kids having fun while learning. Happy parents will generate referrals and increase your enrollments. Showcase and highlight Xoddler to visiting parents for easy enrollment conversion.

Go Digital, Go Green

Green initiatives are appreciated everywhere today and Xoddler provides different features to save our environment by sending digital daily reports, digital photographs and digital progress reports and eliminating the need of paper printing. Going green and Going digital will improve overall business process.

Connect With Parents

Connect with parents by sharing daily activity reports, sending informative notifications, newsletters and getting feedbacks, suggestions from parents through Xoddler. Research shows that teacher-parent communication is one of the most important factor when choosing school.

Capture and Share Moments

Xoddler empowers teachers to capture memorable moments of kids and share it with parents. Parents can download and share those images on social media with friends and relatives.